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Battlestar Galactica Online – Closed Beta 1.2 - Durability Repair Costs

29th November 2010

Hey test pilots,
It's become very clear since the Closed Beta 1.2 build was released that the Titanium costs for repairing Durability loss have ended up being much higher than they should be.
We will be adjusting the costs to a more reasonable level for the next Close Beta build, and to help you keep your ships and systems in good working order until then, we have just added an additional Titanium reward to the 'Daily Beta Handout' Assignment.
As with all Assignments, the Daily Beta Handout can be completed once per day.

  • Colonial pilots should speak to Apollo to get their Assignments, and then speak to Acting Chief Edison on the Galactica hangar deck to complete the Daily Beta Handout
  • Cylon pilots should speak to Number Two to get their Assignments, and then speak to Number Eight on the Basestar hangar deck to complete the Daily Beta Handout

As with all Assignment rewards, your Titanium will be placed in your Locker.
Please note that this additional Titanium is a temporary measure, and will be removed in the next build when we adjust the repair prices.

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