Battlestar Galactica Online - Closed Beta 1.4 Release Notes

29th December 2010


  • Server code experienced significant refactoring and requires full scale tests of its functionality.


Main updates in Closed Beta 1.4:

Asteroid & Industrial MiningEdit

  • After successful mining xp will be given;
  • Minerals are always available if the scan shows the player that there are minerals in the asteroid.

Loot & RewardsEdit

  • The 21 + levels open up with exponential XP system now.


Main updates in Closed Beta 1.4:


  • Autorepair in outpost/hub function for Cubits implemented.
  • Calling an outpost ship in the Hub level of Cylon is no longer possible.
  • Outposts increase the industrial mining rate for friendly mining ships in the same sector.


  • The increased Speed from temporary buffs is removed when the buff effect ends.
  • Players can invite each other to wings now.
  • Each camera mode is now accessible using hotkeys.
  • Stat numbers change when equipping or upgrading some item in ship menu.


Main updates in Closed Beta 1.4:

Player ShipsEdit

  • It is no longer possible for player ships to pass through the collision box around other objects, such as larger ships, and end up inside them.
  • Defeated players have 0 HP now.

NPC ShipsEdit

  • AI that spawns to attack mining ships has been updated;
  • Running out of PP for AI ships has been fixed.

Weapon SystemsEdit

  • Missiles always correctly hit Mining Ships and convoy ships.
  • Missiles fire direction is same as launcher is facing.

Computer SystemsEdit

  • The "Cassiopeia" ECM now affects Turning Rate.
  • The "Ares" Command now always buffs the player and the players with the same
    faction if they are in the range.
  • Gyro-Stabilization fixed.


  • Upgrading a system to a higher level restores it to full Durability.


Main updates in Closed Beta 1.4:

Heads Up Display (HUD)Edit

  • 'Follow Friendly Target' option affects only the player's heading, not the speed.
  • When any player tries to jump into the enemy start sector, a message will be displayed to inform the player that it is not possible.
  • Other group players PP and HP are displayed correctly now.
  • Speed Indicator tooltip has been added.
  • Player cannot jump to sector during jump countdown.
  • Player name is displayed near his ship name.
  • Neutral Drones target color is correct now.
  • The target lock is displayed on the middle of the Outpost ship.
  • Missile target rectangle for missiles that do not target player's ship.

Options menuEdit

  • Key bindings were fixed for German keyboard layout.
  • The changes are now applied if user closes Options window with "X" button.
  • Mouse-over info fixed in Options, Key Bindings and Credits menus.

Names changesEdit

  • 'Loot' changed to 'Cargo Container'.
  • 'Debris Pile' changed to 'Debris Field'.

Sector MapEdit

  • Escort ships are shown on the map by an arrow.
  • Sector Map screen size now fits 1024 x 600.

Combat LogEdit

  • Combat Log uses different colors for messages.
  • Combat Log always shows correct opponent names.


  • The rank name is updated to fit the user's current level.
  • Help menu can be closed with icon button.
  • Other Player Info screen is now displayed correctly.
  • Accurate images are used to help the user understand directives in the Tutorial.
  • Cylon pilot journal avatar is shown in the correct color.
  • Asteroid Recon Daily Assignment shows System Name now.
  • Wing window now shows online/offline status and character level.
  • Tooltip so you can see which sector people in your friends list are.
  • All skills no matter if primary and secondary have the same icon.
  • Players can now send group invite via friends list (right click on friend).
  • More player decals (20).


Main updates in Closed Beta 1.4:

  • Starbuck hair is now displayed correctly, without transparency;
  • User can change graphics quality of the game, fullscreen anti-aliasing will be enabled for best quality level;
  • Tier 1 cylon ships has their cycling red light again.
  • Shadows from icons over NPC heads has been removed.
  • Shots in 103 Heleb made by Drones are visible now.
  • The player always sees the color indication of the resource scan on the surface of an asteroid or a planetoid.
  • More hair color options for the Colonials.


Main updates in Closed Beta 1.4:

  • Explosion sounds are now affected by distance.
  • T2 and T3 sounds are now clearly audible.

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