Battlestar Galactica Online – Closed Beta 1.5.1 - Hotfix

21st January 2011

This hotfix addresses several of the issues that have come to light since the release of Closed Beta build 1.5. We wanted to get an update out as quickly as possible, so we will continue to work on an outstanding issues and resolve them as soon as we can.


  • Colonial players can now start as Raptor pilots
  • You can no longer salvage Tylium or Cubits (and lose out on the deal)
  • Warning messages should now display the star system names (rather than, so you know where to head to get into the action
  • Issues with the Leaderboards on the EU beta server should be fixed
  • Chat should be working again on the US server
  • Delays when starting up NPC dialogs and other performance issues on the US server should be improved
  • Mining Ships and Outposts should show their current Hull Points, rather than 1/1
  • Outpost and Mining Ships should appear on the system map and DRADIS
  • The rate at which each faction earns Outpost Progress has been slightly reduced, and the rate at which Outpost Progress decays over time has been slightly increased - calling in and maintaining Outposts will now require slightly more effort

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