Battlestar Galactica Online – Closed Beta 1.6 Hotfix 1 Release Notes

3rd February 2011

This update includes some changes and additions that didn't make it into the 1.6 build, and addresses some of the issues that have come to light since 1.6 was released. We'd like to thank all our Test Pilots for their feedback, and will be continuing to update and improve 1.6 between now and the start of Open Beta.


  • Several issues with the payment system have been resolved, and we will be continuing testing of payments
  • Please note that the payment window in-game may have performance issues and respond slowly – if you find this to be the case, we recommend that you use the Payment button on the main login page, rather than using the in-game window
  • Please note that any failed payments will be reimbursed, and your help in testing the system is greatly appreciated



  • The third Mission should now be available for Cylon characters
  • Missions in which the player uses their own ship should no longer change the player's currently selected ship
  • The final message received in a Mission will now be indicated by [Mission Complete] text
  • Fixed several minor issues with the Missions
  • Corrected some Mission text


  • Fixed some temporary text and other issues within the dialogues of Admiral Adama and Number One

Star SystemsEdit

  • The player limits on star systems have been increased
    • Beta Antini, Tau Nehmet and Epsilon Krau are now limited to 95 Colonial / 5 Cylon
    • 103 Heleb, 101 Crucis and Fenris are now limited to 5 Colonial / 95 Cylon
    • All other star systems, with the exceptions of each faction's Home Fleet and Reclaimed Base, are now limited to 50 Colonial / 50 Cylon
  • Beta Antini, Tau Nehmet, Epsilon Krau, 103 Heleb, 101 Crucis and Fenris have been revised and increased in size



  • The Assignments window should no longer display multiple entries when handing in completed Assignments


Decoy LaunchersEdit

  • It should now be possible to select which type of Decoys to use by right-clicking on the Decoy Launcher icon on the action bar, just as ammo is selected for weapons


  • Fixed issue that was causing reduced frame rates

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