Battlestar Galactica Online – Closed Beta 1.6 Hotfix 2 Release Notes

6th February 2011

This update includes further changes and additions to the 1.6 build and addresses some of the issues that have come to light since the previous Hotfix.
As before, we'd like to thank all our Test Pilots for their feedback, and will be continuing to update and improve 1.6 between now and the start of Open Beta.



  • Fixed several issues – chat system should now be more robust and reliable


  • The numbering and positioning of Weapon Icons has been revised for all ships – the numbering (and default hotkeys) for all ship weapons should now be consistent
  • The visibility of the 'off screen target indicator' that appears when your currently selected target is not in view has been improved, and its color will now match the faction of the target
  • Fixed issue that sometimes caused cannons to be marked as 'armed' following a jump, but not actually active

Multi Target System (Line ships only)Edit

  • All weapons assigned to a target should now automatically disarm themselves when the target is defeated, not just those that were actively firing on the target at the time


  • Fixed several issues that could cause the client to 'freeze' in some situations, including when a selected target moved out of maximum sensor range for Line ships


  • The Cubit drop rate of Drones has been reduced to more accurately reflect their challenge level



  • The maximum range of Nova/Ruiner Light Missile Launchers has been increased

Weapon PlatformsEdit

  • Significantly increased the attack range of all Weapon Platform NPCs (note that this only affects their weapon range, not the range at which they will initiate attacks)
  • Defeated Weapon Platforms should now respawn on the correct timers
  • Weapon Platforms should no longer disappear when affected by Electronic Warfare


  • Slightly reduced the default graphics setting (GFX Quality Level in the Options window) to improve performance for lower spec computers
  • Reducing GFX Quality Level to minimum should no longer cause certain objects to disappear completely
  • Colonial avatar beards should now match the selected hair color


  • Fixed bug with sound effects for Escort and Line missile launchers

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