Battlestar Galactica Online – Closed Beta 1.6 Hotfix 4 Release Notes

8th February 2011

This update includes further changes and additions to the 1.6 build and addresses some of the issues that have come to light since the previous Hotfix.

We'd like to once again thank all our Closed Beta Test Pilots for their feedback and support throughout the Closed Beta, and welcome our new pilots to the Open Beta of Battlestar Galactica Online.


Star SystemsEdit

  • Fixed some issues with the player limits on star systems – for reference:
    • Beta Antini, Tau Nehmet and Epsilon Krau are limited to 95 Colonial players / 5 Cylon players
    • 103 Heleb, 101 Crucis and Fenris are limited to 5 Colonial players / 95 Cylon players
    • All other star systems, with the exceptions of each faction's Home Fleet and Reclaimed Base, are limited to 50 Colonial players / 50 Cylon players

Wings and FriendsEdit

  • Notifications when Friends and Wing mates enter the game should now function correctly and show the player's actual name


Heads Up Display (HUD)Edit

  • The Missile Warning display will now immediately reflect a successful decoy launch by removing the decoyed missile's icon (previously the missile's icon would remain on the display until the missile actually struck the decoy)

Loading ScreensEdit

  • Fixed some loading screens that were displaying temporary 'tip' text


The following are Known Issues with the current Beta 1.6 Hotfix 4 build. We are aware of them and will work to resolve them as soon as possible:

Current IssuesEdit

  • Ammo counters for all weapons are displaying the count for the last ammo selected for any weapon, or the last weapon fired
    • Please note that this is a display issue only - the correct ammo type is being fired by each weapon, as selected by right-clicking on its icon on the HUD

Resolved IssuesEdit

  • An issue with the introductory tutorial sequence for Colonial pilots that sometimes caused players to be returned to the 'faction select' screen has been resolved

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