A Command Signal Beacon is a single use item which is used in conjunction with the Command Signal Dispenser computer system. When dropped by the command signal dispenser, it broadcasts a signal for a limited duration (up to a maximum of 20 seconds) to which the other members of the same squadron may FTL jump to, even if the beacon is in a system which is outside the FTL range of the squadron's ships.

Command Signal Beacon Icon Command Signal BeaconEdit

Drop a beacon into space your squadron can jump to.

"A specialized command signal beacon. When used in conjunction with a command signal system, allows a ship to broadcast its current position by dropping a jump beacon for the other ships in its squadron. Effect: Drop a beacon into space your squadron to jump to." - Details

Purchase cost: Mini Cubit Icon 300 Cubits.

Sells for: Mini Tylium Icon 1,500 Tylium.

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