Battlestar Galactica Online - Developer Blog 11 - Escort Tournament

6 November 6th 2013

Attention pilots,

You guys have been asking for a little more love to be lavished on the non-strike class ships in the game. We have been listening and the first part of what we want to do is an Escort tournament.

Blog 11 - 1

Tournament DesignEdit

The rule set will be pretty much the same as the Strike Edition. There’s only a small change in terms of matchmaking – the escort tournament will only have four level brackets as we have a higher entrance level:

  • Blog 11 - 2
    Bracket #1: Level 10 – 29
  • Bracket #2: Level 30 – 49
  • Bracket #3: Level 50 – 79
  • Bracket #4: Level 80+

But that’s not all. The tournament leaderboard got a new look to make it more accessible. The old screen had several issues in regards of displaying useful and necessary information in a proper way and time. Those are fixed with the new one.

The new screen will display your performance, the performance of players that are close to you as well as the top players of the tournament. You will be able to see the information in full length and more frequently updated. So you are always up to date about the current tournament status.


In order to promote the new Interdiction duties, we will exchange rewards for all tournaments from Tuning Kits to map packs from this release on.

We also removed AP and HESC rounds and increased the amount of HE and HERT rounds to compensate.

Reward changes will happen on a regular basis to keep them up to date and attractive in the long run.

Escort SaleEdit

Blog 11 - 3
For those of you who don’t have an Escort ship or even those who do but want to try a new model we will also be running a special sale alongside the tournament to get you into action with one of a variety of options. These load outs include a nice set of upgraded items and will give you a solid base to let you get straight into the fight.

You’ll have the choice between 3 different ships this time:

  • Banshee/Scythe (advanced)
    • Fast moving and lightly armored. This build is intended for intercepting fast targets and carrying out hit and run attacks
  • Glaive/Spectre
    • Electronic warfare ship designed to remove your enemy’s ability to fight
  • Halberd/Liche
    • Long range sniping ship including speed and targeting buffs

We also listened to your feedback on the discount levels offered in the last ship sale and as a result we have really ramped up the value on offer with discounts of up to 71% are possible this time!

It’s escort time! Become the next top gun! Please make sure to tell us what you think in the related forum threads.



P.S.: This won’t be the last type of tournament – so stay tuned

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