Battlestar Galactica Online - Developer Blog 17 - Akhlys's Fury: Part 1

5 May 2014

Hello fellow pilots,

This is Claatu_BP, and I’m excited to tell you about the new story missions we’re making.

The previous Story Missions are primarily a means to present systems to the player, and the story was secondary.

We are shifting the focus to the story as our starting point instead of focusing on game mechanics, with an interesting storyline. This means also that we tried a new approach of how we tell the story. This mission presents the beginning of an episodic approach of storytelling similar to episodes of the series. We have created a sector that is different to the commonly known sectors. The mission happens in a sector with a dense nebula that reduces visual range which disrupts your DRADIS It’s a thick cosmic soup that’s easy to hide in. As it is a Single player experience we´re also able to do some fancy stuff that we wouldn't be able to do in regular space. For this we improved our existing tool to create them faster than before and allow us to really do such fancy things that we have in mind.

We've also created a set of NPC´s , each with their own background that allows us to generate a more immersive experience and use them to tell an interesting storyline. And we still have some surprises in our sleeves to present in the upcoming missions.

Blog 17 - 1

Episode 1: Akhlys's FuryEdit

Resources are low, and the fleets must disperse into the dense nebula's of the Veil. Mining operations are getting ambushed and you’ve already lost two mining ships. It’s up to you to protect them and you are sent into the sector as the leader of a patrol.

I hope this helps you get some insights of what we want to achieve and we hope you have as much fun with the mission as we had with creating this new content for you. Together we’ll uncover the secrets of the Veil.

Best regards,

The Battlestar Galactica Online Team

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