Battlestar Galactica Online - Developer Blog 9 - Meet the new Producer

11 October 2013

Hey everyone,

In a recent forum post Javery_BP mentioned my arrival on the Battlestar Galactica Online team, so I thought that it was about time that I introduced myself properly.

My name is BPCaedmon and I am the new Producer on Battlestar Galactica Online. My background for the last 10 years has been in Project Management and Production, the last 5 years of which were spent as a Producer at CCP Games on EVE Online and DUST 514. Given my last job, you can probably guess I am a sci-fi nerd and more specifically a massive Battlestar Galactica fan (I would tell you that I have been a fan since the original series, but then you’d know what an old geezer I am!). This plus the fact that I’ve been playing BSGO for a few months now means I am really excited to join the team here at Bigpoint and help take BSGO from strength to strength.

In light of the history of change on BSGO I want to stress that my recruitment is very much about continuity. My job is to leverage my experience in leading teams in the games industry, to help the BSGO team here in Hamburg to keep on doing more of the great work that they have been doing until now. The plans we will be executing on have been in development for some time now and I’d like to take a moment to thank the whole team for their hard work over the last year, in particular my colleague and previous Producer BPHorst for his ongoing support.

I know details of these plans have been slow in coming, but before we discuss them externally the team want to be sure that we do due diligence in evaluating the potential impact of these plans on the game and the amount of work needed to implement them. This will make sure that we focus on the right features to ensure a rosy future for the game. We believe it would be worse to communicate plans before they have been fully vetted and then have to do a 180 degree change shortly afterwards.

That said, making games is a complex and ever-changing business and plans, however well made, sometimes do still need to be changed in order to respond to new community feedback, the needs of the game and changing market conditions.

We are now in the final stages of doing due diligence on our Roadmap for the coming months on BSGO. Javery_BP will be communicating some of our first steps in another dev blog imminently. After that we will continue to publish dev blogs outlining our intended direction and we will be looking for your feedback to help us refine the details of the plan.

Thanks for your patience so far, you’ll be hearing more from us soon.

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