Drones are unaligned, NPC ships that appear in certain star systems in the game. Patrolling certain points in a star system, they will attack both Colonial and Cylon ships that come within weapons range. Some are equipped solely with cannons,others with canons and missile launchers. They come in differing types (usually Seeker, Sentry, Guard and Hunter) and in various levels (namely 5, 9, 10, 14, 15, 19, 20, 25 and 29). The higher the levels of the drone, the more hull points and power they will have.

When targeted, drones will appear outlined in yellow on players' DRADIS, and the drones bullets and missiles appear yellow on screen when fired.

Destruction of a set number of drones is a Daily Assignment for players. They were created by the same group that created the weapons platforms.

Types of DronesEdit

Failing Seeker DronesEdit

Hull Points: 250.
Power: 100.
Level: 5.

This is a small drone found in the safer levels of the game. This NPC (non-player character) uses mainly missiles to damage others. It is a drone malfunctioning and is of unknown origin. It will attack both Colonial and Cylon players.

This is one of the weakest NPCs in all of BSGO.

Failing Sentry DronesEdit

Hull Points: 300.

Power: 100.

Level: 5.

Failing Hunter DronesEdit

Hullpoints: 550.

Power: 200.

Level 9:

Failing Guard DronesEdit

Hullpoints: 600

Power: 200.

Level: 9.

Worn Seeker DronesEdit

Hull Points: 375.

Power: 100.

Level: 10.

More durable drone, and more aggressive than the lower level ones.

Worn Sentry DronesEdit

Hull Points:425.

Power: 100.

Level 10.

Has more hull points than the seeker of the same level.

Worn Hunter DronesEdit

Hull Points: 750.

Power: 200

Level: 14.

Has more hull and more power than the level 10 drones. Armed with cannons and one missile launcher.

Worn Guard DronesEdit

Hull Points: 900.

Power: 200.

Level: 14.

Rugged Seeker DronesEdit

Hull Points: 500.

Power: 100.

Level: 15.

Weaker than the level 14 drones, these seem to be designedf or reconnaisance work.

Rugged Sentry DonesEdit

Hullpoints: 550.

Power: 100.

Level: 15.

Rugged Hunter DronesEdit

Hull Points: 1,000.

Power: 200.

Level: 19.

Rugged hunter drones come equipped with cannons and 1 missile launcher.

Rugged Guard DronesEdit

Hull Points: 1,200.

Power: 200.

Level: 19.

Vigilant Seeker DronesEdit

Hull Points: 800.

Power: 100

Level: 25.

Have lower hull points and power than the level 19 rugged hunter and guard drones.

Vigilant Sentry DronesEdit

Hull Points: 800.

Power: 100.

Level 25.

Vigilant Hunter DronesEdit

Hull Points: 1500.

Power: 200

Level: 29.

The highest level regular drone in the game. Faster and more agressive than the Vigilant Seeker drones. Come equipped with cannons and 1 missile launcher. May be found in parts of Asterian, 32 Serpentos and Kryphon.

Vigilant Guard DronesEdit

Hull Points: 1800.

Power: 200

Level: 29.

The highest level regular drone in the game. Slower than some but made up for in its greated hull points and firepower. May be found in 32 Serpentos and Kryphon.


Description: "Pilots, urgent message from our intelligence! We encountered an unknown enemy craft! See recon picture below, please excuse the quality. ...Important: Proceed with extreme caution! This enemy - call sign: "Revenant" - seems to be very dangerous, try not to approach him alone!"

Hull Points: 2950.

Power: 100

Level: 90.

Speed: 55.

This unique drone is a "rogue" Cylon Raider which will attack both Colonial and Cylon players. It has cannons and nuclear missiles (which do approximately 500 damage per missile), the only npc ship which has nuclear weapons of any sort. This ship spawns randomly in a number of different systems, but only in one system at a time. Destroying it counts towards the Drone Clearance daily assignment and it may reward players with rare items in its loot drop.

Revenant has been known to appear in the following systems: Abalon (B3), 169 Aretis (G7), Calibaan (F7), Delta Aurican (D2), Hatir (C4), Muninn (B7), and Vidofnir (D2).

  • Revenant intelligence photo
  • Revenant

List of Drone ShipsEdit

Here are the various type of Drone ships.

Avatar Drone Ship Level Hull Points


Seeker Drone Avatar Failing Seeker Drone 5 250 100
Sentry Drone Avatar Failing Sentry Drone 5 300 100
Hunter Drone Avatar Failing Hunter Drone 9 500 200
Guard Drone Avatar Failing Guard Drone 9 600 200
Seeker Drone Avatar Worn Seeker Drone 10 375 100
Sentry Drone Avatar Worn Sentry Drone 10 425 100
Hunter Drone Avatar Worn Hunter Drone 14 750 200
Guard Drone Avatar Worn Guard Drone 14 900 200
Seeker Drone Avatar Rugged Seeker Drone 15 500 100
Sentry Drone Avatar Rugged Sentry Drone 15 550 100
Hunter Drone Avatar Rugged Hunter Drone 19 1,000 200
Guard Drone Avatar Rugged Guard Drone 19 1,200 200
Seeker Drone Avatar Vigilant Seeker Drone 25 750 100
Sentry Drone Avatar Vigilant Sentry Drone 25 800 100
Hunter Drone Avatar Vigilant Hunter Drone 29 1,500 200
Guard Drone Avatar Vigilant Guard Drone 29 1,800 200
Raider Avatar Revenant 90 2,950 100
Seeker Drone Avatar Support Drone 20 250 300
Sentry Drone Avatar ECM Drone 20 200 300
Hunter Drone Avatar Artillery Drone 20 350 200
Guard Drone Avatar Assault Drone 20 450 200
Nexus Avatar Command Nexus 15 100% 100%

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