The Eleusina Festival was a short sales event in August 2012 where players were able to take part in several ship and item sales, as well as upgrade their ships at a discounted price for the first time.

Despite the event description, there were no new weapons or items as some players were led to believe. The event itself caused some frustration to players as the sales were bugged where, while players could purchase and upgrade ships at the discounted price, they needed to have the original full price for the purchase or upgrade to process.


"The intergalactic summer is upon us. Long ago, colonists celebrated the most wonderful time of the year by holding the Eleusina fest. Now you too can get in on the act by blasting away at your enemies.

From August 15th through the 18th, there will be a plethora of powerful weapons, brand new boosts, high-tech ship upgrades and more available for up to 50% off. Take advantage of these three days of savings and turn up the heat on your enemies!"

Event SalesEdit

Ship Purchases and Ship UpgradesEdit

Strikes are 20% off
Escorts are 30% off
Lines are 35% off
Carriers are 40% off

Other SalesEdit

All boosters are 25% off
All consumables are 10% off
All tuning kits are 20% off

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