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An FTL Override (which stand for Faster Than Light Override) is a one use item available in the game. It combines a pre-programmed set of coordinates with powerful high density capacitors. When plugged into the FTL drive, it allows a ship to return to its home fleet from anywhere in the Veil Sector in a single jump, but burns itself out in the process.

FTL override jumps your ship immediately back to the Battlestar Galactica CIC  or Basestar CIC. The spinning up the FTL drives takes just as long as a normal jump (i.e. jump time is not influnced bvy your skill levels), and is slowed down by enemy fire just like an ordinary jump. However, you only make ONE jump and immediately are in the Galactica CIC or in the Basestar CIC depending on your faction. This costs no tylium and saves time, but does not get you out of dangerous combat situations rapidly, despite the misnomer. This is a one use item. If you cancel the jump after activating it, this counts as the item being used.

These items may be obtained as loot, as rewards from playing Dradis Contact, or may be purchased in the Item Shop for 1,500 cubits per override. They may also be sold for 7,500 tylium.

Resources & Currency Cubits - Merits - Tylium - Titanium - Water - Tuning Kits
Miscellaneous Items Comm Access - Command Signal Beacon - Technical Analysis Kit - Unidentified Objects
Salvage Scrap Metal - Hull Plates - Power Conduits - Electronics - Weapon Parts - Drive Components - Rare Elements - Heavy Metals - Reactor Core - Isotopes
Boosters Experience Boosters - Merit Boosters - Mining Boosters - Skill Boosters - Divine Inspiration - FTL Override - Fragmented FTL Coordinates - 46 Graeae Map Parts
Event Items Pristine Ice - Foodstuffs - Sacred Herbs - Precious Metals - Aegis of Hephaestus - Salvaged Motherboard - Polymer Capacitor - Halogenated Capacitor - Ancient Unidentified Object - Typhon's Shards

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