Battlestar Galactica Online - Game Release 5.1 Rollback and Hotfix

22 September 2011

After evaluating the community feedback for the latest update, we are looking into the best course of action that will be beneficial for all players. As a result, we are going to perform a rollback and apply a hotfix to the previous update. Here is the list of planned changes for the upcoming hotfix:

  • Rolling back the database to before yesterday’s update. This is being done to address an issue that allowed some players to progress at an accelerated rate.
  • Chat input issue will be addressed.
  • Zombie ships (with zero HP) that appear when using the FTL Transponder system.
  • Rolling back changes regarding boost and threat; this will be adjusted in a future release with community feedback.
  • EGA Award mails will be resent due to the rollback plus one additional Divine Inspiration booster as our way of apologizing for this inconvenience.
  • Please be aware not to delete the in-game message for the reward, before you have collected the attached items.

Accidentally deleted messages will not be replaced.

The EGAs reward will be sent to all accounts which are above level 10.

  • Any payments made since yesterday’s update will be rebooked to the player’s account within the next 24 hours after the hotfix has been deployed.
  • For any additional payment inquiries, please send a ticket to Support with the following information: User ID, server, Transaction IDs, amount, date and time of purchase.

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