Battlestar Galactica Online - Game Release Apollo Update

19 October 2011


Starter KitsEdit

  • Starter kits have been added for the Colonial Fighter Scythe, Cylon Fighter Banshee, Colonial Defender Maul, and Cylon Defender Wraith.


Bugs FixedEdit

  • Added localized chat channels for Dutch, Hungarian, Czech, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Slovak, Romanian, Bulgarian, Greek, and Portuguese.
  • Fixed collision on derelict ships.
  • Fixed targeting issue in story missions.
  • Show upgraded ships in Ship Purchasing window.
  • Addressed several localization bugs with non-translated or overflowing text.
  • Delete expired mail items.
  • Added missing weapons & system icons.
  • Fixed display of Emitter Rating and Firewall Rating stats on certain systems.
  • Fixed server shutdown notification.
  • Fixed issue with asteroids/planetoids not spawning in some sectors.
  • Players can now add 10 abilities to the Fleet Recon Raptors and Recon Heavy Raider variants without causing the game client to hang.


  • Removed redundant messaging during story missions, improving usability of mission log.
  • Implemented popup tutorial messages instead of showing full tutorial UI on new content.
  • Display skill requirements for system upgrades.
  • Fixed intermittent issues with tooltips in mail UI.
  • Fixed leaderboard buttons resizing incorrectly.
  • Show tooltips when highlighting owned ships in UI.
  • Changed versioning scheme to reflect release numbers.



  • Updated Colonial Viper MKVII model.
  • Updated Cylon War Raider model.
  • Made exhaust FX more prominent on some ship models.

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