Battlestar Galactica Online - Game Release Cottle Update

22 November 2011

This major update introduces the new Nemesis Tournament system, teases the upcoming Carrier-class ships, and addresses several bugs.


Nemesis TournamentEdit

  • Nemesis Tournament Sectors will be specifically designated on the System Navigation Map.
  • Upon entering a Tournament Sector, a message will appear informing the player that they are in a Tournament PvP zone as well as outlining the rules and structure for the Tournament.
  • PvP experience gained is tracked as a separate score during the Tournament; Tournament Scoring only happens in the designated sectors.
  • Tournament Scoreboards update every 15 minutes and that means that at the end of a Tournament session, there will be a delay before the final calculation is tallied.
  • Prizes are awarded to the top 20 players on each server via the in-game mail system
  • For the first ever Nemesis Tournament, scheduled for November 26-27, the Grand Prize will be one of the new carrier ships (when they are released)!

XP Booster EventEdit

  • We have generalized the Halloween Booster Weekend to be reusable as a regular event!


  • The Brimir Colonial carrier-class ship has been launched into dry-dock in Delta Canopis.
  • The Surtur Cylon carrier-class ship is under construction in sector 47 Tartalon.
  • The Pegasus model has been updated.


  • Search and Rescue Operations will no longer fail to appear.
  • Special offers containing Nuclear Warheads will now award the correct versions.
  • Several instances of un-localized text have been replaced with correctly translated versions.

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