Battlestar Galactica Online - Game Release Galen Update

22 February 2012


  • Carrier ships (Brimir/Surtur) are now available to both factions at their reclaimed bases.
  • Tooltips have been updated for better overall readability
  • Ship UI has been modified to make it clear what slots can be used for item types
  • Level-of-Detail (LoDs) improved for reduced download size and faster loading into sectors
  • Character generation scene improved Download size reduced
    • Scene art improved
    • Lighting improved to show character better
    • Selection options improved for clarity
  • Tutorial missions have been revised
  • Additional tutorial missions have been implemented
  • Experimental items removed
  • Tech Analysis Kits now available from item vendors
    • Used for scanning Unidentified Objects that contain random items


  • Jump invulnerability increased to 10s
  • Changed Carrier’s Repair & Recharge modifier per second to max/10 from max/12
  • Reduced Hull Recovery on Repair & Recharge, corrected power point recovery


  • Fixed client-side null exceptions when weapon fire is taking place while jumping out of a sector
  • Fixed server crash caused by conditions between active/obsolete sessions
  • Fixed chat desync bugs caused by faction switching
  • Fixed a bug related to weapon panels in the HUD preventing players from using them correctly
  • LoD fixes for planet textures
  • Mining planet scale corrections
  • Added feedback to Tier 4 ships attempting to enter Arenas
    • Find Match button is now grayed out when in a Tier 4 ship
    • Text added to Rules
  • Quick Ammo buy now matches inflight shop
  • Fixed resupply bugs with Capital Ships
  • Faction Switch fixes (user name availability, localized text)
  • Fixed bug with Heavy Raider selection
  • Fixed Weapon Slot 5 bug (Adv. Rhino/Marauder)
  • Fixed some text overlap bugs
  • Limited-time items should now correctly display that information in description text
  • Carrier bugfixes
    • Engine slots now within bounding boxes
    • Level 15 buffs now in line with buff progression
    • Adjusted position of Dock/Undock/Launch Strikes button
    • Fixed Dock/Undock/Launch Strikes button rendering behind reticules
    • Fixed respawn select screen text
    • Carrier is a selectable option when changing ships while docked with an outpost
    • Fixed stat display for Repair & Recharge system
    • Fixed Strike’s Repair interface elements not rendering correctly with galaxy map
    • Carrier-specific systems are now Unique (user may only have/equip one of each system)
    • Fixed bugs related to target ability of docked ships
    • Fixed user lock when undocking from FTL-traveling carrier
    • Carrier items now correctly labeled as XL
    • Fixed rear firing arcs

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