HD-M50 "Thunderbolt" Medium Missile Battery
Weapon: General Purpose Missile Battery

A general purpose turret mounted battery of synchronized launcher systems, utilizing mid-sized missiles that feature good range, endurance and payload capacity while retaining enough speed and agility to engage smaller ships.

Grants Medium Missile Battery Attack
Requires Medium Missiles as Ammunition
Reload 10.0 sec
Damage 60-110
DPS +8.5
Range 0-1350
Energy 50

Cost: 15000.0 Mini Tylium Icon


15000.0 Tylium
Max Level 10
Related Missions

Related NPCs
SPCO Tyrol
Colonial Quartermaster

  • Requires one of the following:
    • Medium HE Missiles.
    • Medium CR Missiles.
    • Medium EFP Missiles.
    • Class-C Nuclear Missiles.

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