Hatir is a star system in the Veil Sector. Located just on the Colonial side of the sector map, this system has a threat level of 20. In this system you will find the following Colonial npc ships: Scythe (Level 17), Glaive (Level 17), Maul (Level 17), Aesir (Level 20), Vanir (Level 20), and Jotunn (Level 20). In this system you will find the following Cylon npc ships: Banshee (Level 17), Spectre (Level 17), Wraith (Level 17), Fenrir (Level 20), Hel (Level 20), and Jormung (Level 20). It should be noted that these npcs will usually be found in an area between C7/C8 and F7/F8 on the 2D system map, with the npcs often engaged in a constant battle, destroying each other and then re-spawning.

There are also Level 19 Rugged Hunter Drones and Level 19 Rugged Guard Drones in this system, as well as a number of heavy weapons platforms. This is also one of the systems that Revenant may appear in, usually at C4 on the 2D system map.

Things of particular note this system contains:

  1. 5 Level 20 heavy weapons platforms (note the 3D map has the current locations - Update 42 saw some of them repositioned).
  2. 2 debris fields which may contain salvage.
  3. 3 salvage spots which are not in a debris field (see the 3D map for locations - note there are ship icons overlapping 2 of them).
  4. 6 planetoids.

Asteroids in this system (of which there are well over 300) may contain tylium, titanium and water. It should be noted that the asteroids in this system have amongst the highest yield of resources anywhere in the sector, with asteroids yielding between 600-1,000 (approximately) of their respective resource. Water is more common in this system (along with Calibaan, Muninn and Vidofnir) than most others, so this system is often one that you can find players of the opposing faction in, leading to a lot more p v p combat.

It should be noted that the dense asteroid fields can make spotting enemy strike craft difficult.

A hard level Freighter in Distress Dynamic Mission or Drone Incursion Mission will spawn in this system from time to time.

System RestrictionsEdit

A maximum of 3 x Brimirs may be in this system at any one time. A maximum of 3 x Surturs may be in this system at any one time.

2D Map of the systemEdit

Hatir System Map

Hatir star system

System Map Legend

3D Map of the systemEdit

Please note, the 3D map is more up to date (updated September 2015).

Hatir 3D System Map

Hatir star system

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