The fearsome cylon counterpart of the Colonial C5-07 Poseidon. It has 10290 health and uses debuffs to lower your stats. Its also known to drop: foodstuffs,ice, herbs, for the Poseidon event; and uranium for the Twilight of the Gods event.

Krakens operate like very high level Fenrirs. In the Twilight of the Gods event, they are level 120, and are armed with all cannons. They also have and use damage buffs and damage de-buffs. Their cannons are more accurate than an average line cannon and hence will hit strikes slightly more often than normal.

Locations during Twilight of the Gods EeventEdit

During the Twilight of the Gods event, Krakens could be found in the following stay systems: Abalon, Gamma Gurun, and Geirrod.

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