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Mining Ships are are ships designed to land on planetoids and extract their resources (i.e. tylium, titanium or water) for players. These ships have zero power and as such are unarmed. They rely for defence on players in their ships.

Mining ships are deployed when, following the scan of a planetoid by player using a Mineral Analysis Module (Colonial) or Minieral Analysis Cluster (Cylon), the results show  resources are present, players may spend 100 cubits to call in a mining ship. When they do, the mining ship jumps into the system right nearthe planetoid, lands on the planetoid and begins mining.

The mining ship will keep extracting resources until either: (a) the planetoid runs out of resources (at which time the planetoid will break up, the mining ship will then take off and FTL jump away) or; (b) It is destroyed by enemy forces.

Colonial Mining ShipEdit

800px-Mining ship
  • Level: 15
  • Hull Points: 4,500
  • Power: 0

Cylon Mining ShipsEdit

Cylon Mining Ship
  • Level: 15
  • Hull Points: 4,500
  • Power: 0

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