Battlestar Galactica Online - Open Beta 1.2 Update

3 March 2011


  • Sector Control bonus now increases yield of asteroids in addition to extraction rate of Mining Ships and is displayed on map


  • Outpost state is saved between server restarts
  • Repairing Hull Durability restores ship to full HP.
  • PVP loot doesn't drop cubits anymore (to prevent exploit).
  • Fixed: Various bugs with invitation to squadron while in hub.
  • Fixed: Skill training times sometimes go negative/don't register as 'complete'.
  • Opening sector or system maps no more prevents automatic weapon to fire.
  • Hang on death in story mission is fixed
  • Tau Nehmet, Epsilon Krau and Beta Antini are not accessible for Cylons for the time being and 103 Heleb, Fenris and 101 Crucis are not accessible for Colonials for the time being


  • System stats in Ship tab of Pilot Log.
  • System stats now display skill bonuses.
  • Galaxy map available while docked.
  • Buy Cubits button in the upper right corner.
  • Galaxy map displays industrial mining speed bonus (motivational improvement)
  • Ship purchase Confirmation button fixed.
  • Wing is now correctly displayed in player info.
  • Skip button removed from story missions (only in tutorial).
  • Fixed: Various localization bugs.
  • Updated all languages
  • Added Brazilian Portuguese
  • Fixed: Objective box does not "auto-scroll" to keep current objective within player view.
  • No more bogus Info button in AI player's popup menu.

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