Server Maintenance is when the games Servers are shut down for either maintenance, to upload an update or to apply a hotfix.

There are several in-game warnings to notify players currently in the game of an impending Server Maintenance. Warnings usually occur 15 minutes before Servers are shut down.

Server Maintenance WarningsEdit

Center Screen MessageEdit

A warning message will appear above the center of the screen, similar to Outpost Combat messages and Heavy Fighting messages.

Maintenance - Dock

Scrolling MessageEdit

Warning messages also appear scrolling along the bottom in the information bar.

Maintenance - Message

Combat Log MessageEdit

The warning messages are logged in the players Combat Log section of the chat box.

Maintenance - Combat

Dradis Contact MessageEdit

When viewing the Dradis Contact mini game screen, players are notified of the upcoming server shutdown and are unable to play any Duty Missions.

Maintenance - Dradis Contact

Debug MessageEdit

During the last 15 seconds of the Server Maintenance process, a debug will appear in the center of the screen and countdown to 0. Once at 0, the player is automatically logged out of the game and redirected to the games main log in portal.

Maintenance - Debug

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