Thargelia Festival
The Thargelia Festival was held on the 26th of May, 2012. Players were required to destroy Gold and Silver asteroids to receive rare items and ammo. The unique asteroid fields were heavily defended by Drones.

Due to it's popularity, the Thargelia Festival became a reoccurring event known as the Golden Rock Splitter Event.


"Spring is here and with it comes the Thargelia Festival, an ancient time-honored tradition of celebrating the blessing of our bountiful harvests and the renewal of life. Take part in the festivities by contributing to the harvest of Golden Asteroids in:

Epsilon Krau, Beta Antini, Tau Nehmet, Marsamxett, Tau Carinai, Omicron Percei, Fenris, 101 Crucis, 103 Heleb, Anachron, Spectris, 74 Imsidia, Nastrond, Huginn and Raastabann."

Event PromoEdit

The ancient harvest festival has arrived! During the Thargelia Event, players will be able to harvest Golden and Silver Asteroids that contain prizes and resources! But beware, these asteroids are heavily defended and will require skill and tact to harvest these bountiful asteroids.

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