Tuning Kits or TKs are one of the most essential items in the game. They are used to upgrade all ship equipment/systems (i.e. computers, engines, hull and engines) and are the only thing that can be used to upgrade equipment above level 10. They may be purchased from the Item Store and are occasionally found in Unidentified Objects, and as rewards in the Dradis Contact game.

Tuning Kit Icon Tuning KitEdit

Components for upgrading systems.

"Tuning Kits contain high quality components and materials that can be used to attempt to upgrade ship systems. The more tuning kits used, the more likely and upgrade is to be successful. Systems can only be upgraded beyond Level 10 via tuning kits" - Details.

Purchase cost: Mini Cubit Icon 1,000 Cubits.

Sells for: Tuning kits cannot be sold.

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