Typhons Night Event

Typhon's Night Event

Typhon's Night was 2014s in-game Winter Event which ran from December 16th to January 6th.

The event introduced comets and white asteroids where players were required to destroy them as well as destroy other players in order to receive Typhon's Shards. The Shards collected could then be exchanged with items, ammo or ship paint from the Event Shop.

Players had until the end of January 8th to exchange their Typhon Shards. Any leftover Shards would then be automatically exchanged for 500 Titanium per Shard in Game Update 49.

Typhon's Night DescriptionEdit

Every once in a while, Humans and Cylons share a common foe. For the past few weeks, prophets in both factions have been suffering from horrifying dreams involving Typhon, a mythical wreaker of chaos and destruction in ancient Kobol lore.
The legend tells us that Typhon will one day “emerge from the mist” and rain heavenly judgment upon the children of God, who dared sully his name. Panic has been spreading throughout both fleets. Some pilots even report sightings of strange, glowing shooting stars – impossible to locate on DRADIS. Has the time for divine retribution finally come?

Typhon Comets and Typhon's AsteroidsEdit

White Asteroid
Typhon's Asteroids are standard sized asteroids that are grey and black rocks with a white vein-like appearance around the surface. They appeared in 22 systems of the Veil Sector. Destroying these 800 HP asteroids had a 75% chance to triggering a Typhon Comet to appear and rewarded the player with one of the following loot:
  • Typhons Shard Icon 1x Typhon's Shard
  • Typhons Shard Icon 2x Typhon's Shards
  • Typhons Shard Icon 3x Typhon's Shards
  • Carrier Cannon Buff Icon 10% Increase Weapon Damage buff
  • Carrier Hull Buff Icon 10% Increase Health Points buff
  • Carrier Speed Buff Icon 10% Increase Speed buff

The buffs lasted up to 10 minutes and any mining bosters used would increase loot received.

Typhon Comet
Typhon Comets were large rogue blue rocks with a blue dust trail which had a total of 5,000 health points and once destroyed, they would drop 4 Typhon's Shards at most. If a large group destroyed a comet, only the top 10 players who dealt the most damage would be rewarded.

The comets could be easily tracked by viewing them on the local Map as their object icon would move across the map as they drifted across the system. They drifted at a speed of 90 meters per second and instantly destroyed anything in its path, whether it be a players ship, outpost, platform or asteroid. If it had destroyed a player, they lost all of the durability for that ship, requiring a very costly full repair.

If a comet reached the boundary of a system or should it drift into a planetoid, the comet would explode and any attacking players would lose out on the loot rewards.

Typhon's ShardsEdit

Typhon's Shards are item drops which are equal to 100 Cubits. Players could earn Typhon’s Shards from performing the following:

  • Destroying other players in PVP combat;
  • Destroying Typhon's Asteroids; and
  • Destroying Typhon Comets.

Typhon’s shards could then be exchanged for rewards in the Event Shop, Baltar's Lab for Colonials or Simon's Lab for Cylons.


  • HE-D Light Icon 1,000 HE-D Rounds - 20 Shards / 2,000 Cubits
  • HE-D Medium Icon 1,000 HE-D Medium Rounds - 60 Shards / 6,000 Cubits
  • HE-D Heavy Icon 1,000 HE-D Heavy Rounds - 120 Shards / 12,000 Cubits
  • HE-D Heavy Icon 1,000 HE-D XL Rounds - 120 Shards / 12,000 Cubits


  • Technical Analysis Kit Icon 25 Tech Analysis Kits - 150 Shards / 15,000 Cubits
  • Merit Icon 2,000 Merits - 250 Shards / 25,000 Cubits
  • Comm Access Icon 30 Comm Access - 120 Shards / 12,000 Cubits
  • Tuning Kit Icon 20 Tuning Kits - 250 Shards / 25,000 Cubits

Ship Paint

  • Brimir - Gaia's Night Gaia's Night - Brimir - 1,500 Shards / 150,000 Cubits
  • Surtur - Tartaros's Claw Tartaros's Claw - Surtur - 1,500 Shards / 150,000 Cubits

Typhon TitlesEdit

New duty titles were created for comets destroyed:

  • Destroy 1 comet – Title: Comet Destroyer
  • Destroy 10 comets – Title: Comet Hunter
  • Destroy 25 comets – Title: Comet Crusher
  • Destroy 50 comets – Title: Comet Stalker
  • Destroy 150 comets – Title: Protector of the fleet

Bonus CodeEdit

A redeemable code was released during the event which awarded players with some items. If players entered 'typhon2014' at the log in page, they would receive the following items:

  • Typhons Shard Icon 15 Typhon’s shards
  • Booster Icon 100% XP Booster (24h)

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