Battlestar Galactica Online - Game Update 03 - Galactica's Next Top Bugs

20 February 2013

Update 2 - 1
This update will contain fixes for the frequently reported bugs, also known as: Galactica’s Next Top Bugs!

Patch NotesEdit

  • Fixed the issue where the daily assignment couldn’t be finished / didn’t reset and was stuck at 10/10 (DEO)
  • Fixed the issue where a player wasn’t removed from the friend’s list after a faction change
  • Fixed the issue where it was possible to attack / kill a player after spawning by using Flak in the spawning area
  • Fixed an issue where jumping / spawning in a sector froze the game for some seconds
  • Fixed an issue where the wing name wasn’t displayed properly until targeting
  • Fixed an issue where the target bracket wasn’t displayed properly after targeting
  • Fixed an issue where the “ghost mode” wasn’t applied properly to all ships
  • Fixed an issue where a player appeared as ‘offline’ when joining a wing
  • Fixed an issue where tournament icons weren’t displayed properly on ships
  • Fixed an issue where water has been displayed in the hold despite having no water at all

Bugs fixed based on your feedback after testing:

  • Fixed the issue where the carrier ship icon was displayed outside of the player’s info window
  • Fixed the issue where the number of the gun battery wasn’t displayed in multi-targeting
  • Fixed the issue where some NPCs and Outposts didn’t fire from all their batteries

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