Battlestar Galactica Online - Game Update 04 - Fancy a little game?

6 March 2013

This update will contain bug fixes, improvements and feature releases.


  • We’ve changed the accessibility for the “Triad / Prophecy” game by adding a button to the quick access menu after docking anywhere
  • We’ve also changed the loot tables for the “Triad / Prophecy” to make those games more interesting for everyone. We’ve removed useless items and you can now win more cubits, more tuning kits, mining booster and other cool stuff!
  • Based on your feedback improved the performance during battles with Flak (“Flak Lag”) by improving the system of Flak sound generation. This marks the first step in a series of improvements to come.


  • Fixed the issue where the game froze whenever a player came near an Outpost (while playing with lowest graphic settings) - HOTFIXED
  • Fixed the issue where the squad leader received loot though not being in the same sector as the group
  • Fixed the issue where the logo of the Spectre has been displayed upside down
  • Fixed the issue where the cubit amount didn’t adjust while playing triad / prophecy
  • Fixed the issue where users who didn’t login since December still had Poseidon Event quests
  • Fixed minor UI issues (ship scheme / item slots in ship overview)
  • Fixed minor Localization issues

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