Battlestar Galactica Online - Game Update 07 - Unity

2 May 2013

We are updating the game version to Unity 4 and therefore updating the engine of our game. This means: you all need to update your Unity players to the newest version. You will find it here:

With this new version the game’s performance and stability will improve. We expect client crashes and game freezes to be minimal, and being more dependent on your hardware setup in the future. If you’re experiencing graphical glitches after the release of this update you should starting trouble-shooting by updating your graphical drivers.

Are you being disturbed in your game play by invitations for duels, squads or alike? Well, then you better turn on the new “Do not disturb” function! Just type /dnd in the chat and you block all kind of invites automatically.

Also: We have been able to fix the mining bonus calculation bug for dominant factions. Means: No more almost 60% bonus for those (mostly colonial) miners on your server. This is of course just one of the first steps of our measures to improve economy and faction balance!

Patch NotesEdit


Client version update to Unity 4:

  • General improvement of performance and stability
  • Download of the newest Unity player version necessary

“Do not disturb” function:

  • Typing /dnd in chat blocks invites for duels, squadrons, wings and rejects friend requests
  • Typing /dnd again turns it off

UI improvements

  • Improved the font in the UI for more readability and less blur


  • Fixed an issue where the dominant faction received a mining bonus of almost 60% instead or 20% due to a failure in bonus calculation
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to use the function “Follow friendly target” over infinite distance, now minimum distance to use this function is 5000 meters
  • Fixed an issue where PD and Flak were ineffective against missiles
  • Fixed an issue where the carrier ship was able to repair all other ship classes

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