Battlestar Galactica Online - Game Update 13

11 July 2013

This update is a bit smaller and contains some features, improvements and further bug fixes.



  • In order to improve our mission design further all resources mined from planetoids are now counted towards the mining mission progress


  • Using abilities (buffs, mining scanner, DC packs, etc.) and clicking on “Follow friendly target” doesn’t put you in threat anymore.
  • All automatic weapons which are turned “on” by default will be turned “off” again after jumping! This has been necessary to allow future bug fixes and changes to the combat system. So remember to use “G” (default key binding) to turn on all guns at once.


  • Due to problems with smaller display resolutions we removed the “Undock” button when any other window is open while being docked. You need to close all open windows in your UI in order to be able to undock.


  • Update 13 - 1
    We added a small icon to access the scoreboard with one click – see picture:


  • Adjusted the firing arcs of slot 3 and 6 on the Fenrir
  • Fixed the issue with sector entry points in Huginn and Gemino to avoid players appearing in groups of NPCs
  • Fixed the issue where players have not been able to use their weapons after joining the arena
  • Fixed the issue where it was not possible to dock to a carrier after initiating the FTL jump
  • Fixed the issue where the system stats weren’t updated properly when switching systems
  • Fixed the issue where assassin NPCs appeared too often, during fights, shortly after fights
  • Fixed the issue where the tooltip of the “Requital V2” nuke didn’t say “allows use of XL missile batteries”
  • Moved the “Uninstall all” button below the window to avoid overlay problems

Additionally to the features and fixes mentioned above we’re finishing the Faction Switch process that has been started more than 10 weeks ago by the end of this week! That means everyone who hasn’t been switched yet will have the chance to do so until Sunday. After that we’re closing this successful chapter which helped us achieving a good population balance.

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