Battlestar Galactica Online - Game Update 14 - Instantly trained for battle

18 July 2013

This update will contain the instant skill learning, improvements to the “flak lag” and further features and bug fixes.

Update 14 - 1
With this release we’re changing on how the skill learning works. You can either learn a skill instantly or reduce the learning time by 10%.

From now on the skill boosters will be taken out of the shop. The boosters in your hold and locker will still work as normal though and can be used to reduce the time spent learning.

Update 14 - 2
And another feature request that frequently found its way into the forums was to be able to sort the different abilities in the ability bar. We are currently working on the best solution for this, but as a first step into this direction all abilities are now sorted in this order: computers – hull – engines.

Update 14 - 3
Since you are already enjoying our outpost jump beacons we also implemented the option to jump to an outpost beacon as a group!

Ultimately: As a next step to improve the game’s performance we have furthermore adjusted the display of flak to minimize performance problems during big battles. And if that’s not enough there is also a slider in your graphics options to take the Flak Field Density to almost Zero.
Update 14 - 4


  • The skill learning system was revamped to have skills available instantly or skill time reduced by 10%
  • We made crucial changes to the Flak effects in order to improve the performance and reduce lag. Additionally you will find in your graphics options a slider to minimize the effect even further
  • We also improved the sorting in the “ability bar” at the bottom of the UI. All abilities are now sorted depending on their type. They are sorted as following: computers, hull, engines
  • It is now possible to jump to a beacon as a group
  • Using the RCS slide ability doesn’t put you under threat anymore


  • Fixed several issues with the chat system, where the chat channel wasn’t saved after changing chat to squad / wing chat
  • Fixed the issue with the empty tooltip when looking at the ship stats in the ship shop
  • Fixed the issue where leaving a group didn’t update the target brackets of the group members properly
  • Fixed the issue where killing a certain ship type was not displayed properly in the notifications as well as was not properly awarded in the duties

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