Battlestar Galactica Online - Game Update 15 - Destroy those freighters!

25 July 2013

This update will contain a new daily assignment, further new smaller features and bug fixes.

Update 15 - 1
Intelligence operations recently noticed that more and more transports are slipping the lines of defenses. Therefore both Faction leaders have raised the urgency on interrupting those enemy transport lines. Due to this approach there will be a new daily assignment available for all of you – pick it up with all the other missions and bring down those freighters!

Additionally we now implemented a quick and easy way to notify you when your item has become inoperable due to loss of durability. Check out the picture:


  • A new daily assignment “Freighter Interception”
  • A new module icon that lets you identify equipment that has become inoperable
  • A new FTL Transponder for Carrier class
  • We also changed the background color of the ship stats display, instead of grey it’s now blue for Colonial and red for Cylons


  • Fixed the issue with a wrong dialogue option in German game version
  • Fixed the issue with a wrong booster description in Russian game version

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