Battlestar Galactica Online - Game Update 22 - The Wraith

24 October 2013

This update will contain the new model for the Wraith, new planetoids and some long anticipated bug fixes.

Update 22 - 1

With Game Update 22 we would like to introduce you to the new Wraith model! Isn’t it beautiful?

Also we implemented new models for Planetoids. Get a peek with this developer shot:

Update 22 - 2
With the implementation of the new planetoids we also improved the collision with space objects by adjusting their collider positions. This reduces ‘strange’ collisions such as colliding with invisible objects or moving through textures.



  • New model for the Wraith


  • Implemented new planetoid models
  • Adjusted the collider position of many space objects


  • Fixed and issue where Strikes have been invisible and immovable when the Carrier was destroyed
  • Fixed an issue where respawning in a destroyed Carrier lead to the same state
  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to buy an upgrade during sale at the discounted price without having enough currency for the full price
  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to chat properly when the wing window was open
  • Fixed an issue where a running booster caused graphical issues or blocked game login during a Double XP Event
  • Fixed an issue where the textures on Galactica’s engines weren’t displayed correctly
  • Fixed an issue where the Cylon War Raider Mk II UI was pixelated
  • Fixed an issue where textures have been blurry
  • Fixed a server issue to reduce client crashes and loss of connection

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