Battlestar Galactica Online - Game Update 26 - Dradis Contact Rewards

21 November 2013

This release will contain a Dradis Contact loot update and bug fixes.

Based on the feedback you gave us in the past we have changed the loot table for the Dradis Contact. Therefore we removed Tylium and salvage completely, in exchange for the reintroduction of various ammo types, raised amounts of Titanium and other consumables as well as the addition of mini nukes.


Dradis ContactEdit

  • Update 26 - 1
    Change of the rewards


  • Implemented the option to turn on “Automatic Reload” of ammo in case you’re running out during fights


  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to duel
  • Fixed an issue where ships using CAMS had their invisibility after a jump cancelled when looking around
  • Fixed an issue where the death of a player after dropping an FTL transponder lead to all party members being stuck
  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to bind the same key after unbinding
  • Fixed an issue where the ship moved without controlling after resurrection in Interdiction Duty
  • Fixed an issue where the guns continued shooting after deselecting a target.

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