Battlestar Galactica Online - Game Update 31 - Open all the boxes!

23 January 2014

This release will contain an option to open multiple Unidentified Objects at once – including a better loot table, a solution for the “refresh/close browser exploit”, a new Shop UI and some minor bugfixes.

Update 31 - 1
Unidentified Objects, or as we call them: Unopened Objects, have been cluttering the lockers of many players for way to long. Now they contain more valuable loot (including map parts for Interdictions Duties) and it’s furthermore possible to open multiple objects at once.

Also in this release: A fix for the circumvention of fights or being destroyed by closing or refreshing the browser. The ship will stay in the game for some time, making this exploit obsolete.

Additionally we have implemented an option to display the titles you have earned in the game.

We also improved the shop interface – a picture will say more, therefore: Check the image out! ​



  • Implemented the mass activation for Unidentified Objects / Technical Analysis Kits
  • Improved the loot table for Unidentified Objects
  • Added a “Sell all” function for salvage


  • Added an option to display titles on brackets (via Options Menu)
  • Made adjustments to improve the Shop interface


  • Fixed another issue that reset the camera when changing ships (thanks for your feedback!)
  • Fixed an issue that allowed to escape from battle by refreshing / closing the browser
  • Fixed an issue that didn’t show the correct member status in the wing roster
  • Fixed an issue where the War Raider showed the wrong texture after using a Surtur
  • Fixed some minor issues to improve gameplay with a gamepad / joystick
  • Fixed an issue where mine fields exploded after the first points of damage
  • Fixed an issue where hull damage wasn't calculated properly, making ship repairs unnecessary
  • Fixed an issue where the user camera was frozen in space when docking to a carrier while using the BAMS module


30 January 2014


Today we have released a small hotfix to fix three issues that occurred after releasing Game Update 31. Those three have been annoying issues and it was possible to fix them without a downtime, therefore without interrupting your gameplay. A restart of the game will be necessary to pick up the changes though.

Here are the fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to start a skill booster
  • Fixed an issue where the upgrade sale discount didn’t work
  • Fixed an issue where the items in subcategories within the shop haven’t been sorted properly

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