Battlestar Galactica Online - Game Update 33 - Fire and Flares!

20 February 2014

This release will contain new torpedoes and launchers, additional decoy and flare launchers, more skills – as well as some bugfixes.


New torpedoes and launchersEdit

  • Implemented new Area of effect Nuclear Torpedoes into the game for Strike, Escort and Lines, can be fired by new launchers only
  • Introduced new nuclear launchers to fire these new warheads
  • Removed old nukes from the shop
  • Replaced mini nukes with new nuclear war heads in DRADIS contact
  • Implemented mini nukes and the current x20 damage nukes as EXTRA rewards for completing interdiction missions
  • Implemented new explosion graphics into the game to reflect the type of damage a missile does (AOE or not)
  • Introduced energy drain mechanic into the game
  • The new AOE torpedoes also cause affected ships to lose some of their energy as well as taking damage

Link to the blog: Dev Blog 14

New Decoy/Flare launchersEdit

  • Improved the flare launchers in the game
  • Flares now have a new graphic
  • Can deflect multiple missiles following you, with the chance to deflect based on the distance the missile is from your ship
  • Only one flare launcher per ship can be equipped for balancing reasons
  • Introduced 6 new skills into the game, relating to the new nuclear and decoy systems

Changes to Nova/Ruiner missile launchersEdit

  • Increased their armor piercing value
  • Their missiles now travel at 80mps, not 60mps
  • They do increased damage
  • Their minimum firing range has been extended slightly

Other changesEdit

  • With the addition of new nuclear explosion graphics we’ve reduced a cause of lag by editing the particle effect of the explosions
  • Implemented a feature which shows the location of current freighter in distress on the galaxy map


  • Level 15 items are not shown as upgradeable in the locker anymore
  • Unidentified Objects now trigger the correct message if they are placed into the locker
  • Planetoid Models are no longer disappearing when the player has low resolution assets enabled
  • Regional Combat Patrol assignment doesn't auto complete now
  • It's no longer possible to enter an arena match while the player is in combat (He'll have to re-join the queue)
  • The message "outpost is under attack" will now appear correctly
  • Fixed issue where Vanir ships would become invisible at certain ranges
  • Fixed issue where Strike Damage Control modules were not shown in the shop
  • Typing in wing chat will now no longer cause text to appear in system chat if “spacebar” is pressed first

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