Battlestar Galactica Online - Game Update 41.1 - Game Maintenance!

25 June 2014

This maintenance release will contain command ship and SAD computer changes, decreased missile avoidance and an overhauled weapon platform AI as well as some minor bugfixes.


Command ship and SAD computer changesEdit

  • Increased the visual radius of command ships to the following values:
    • Raptor/Heavy Raider: 500 m
    • Raptor FR/Heavy Raider FR: 600 m
    • Glaive/Spectre: 750 m
    • Vanir/Hel: 1000 m
    • Carrier: 1750 m​
  • SAD module now gives +100% bonus to visual range when active at level 15.​

Heavy missile avoidanceEdit

  • Decreased avoidance on heavy missiles to 500 so they are more easily intercepted by flak, point defense and defending ships when fired upon​


  • Reduced the engagement range of all drone weapon platforms.
  • Changed their targeting behavior so they are slower to engage people who enter their engagement range.
  • Fixed an issue with an aggressive NPC behavior.
  • Fixed an issue with the KKC and Flechette gun sound.

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