Battlestar Galactica Online - Game Update 43 - Adjustments

6 August 2014

Hello pilots,

This release will contain minor improvements to the outpost defense as well as several bugfixes and improvements.



  • Additional long range weaponry against capital ships​

Carrier Consumable AdjustmentsEdit

  • Mini nukes used on long range missile launcher will have 700 instead of 2.000 HP
  • Nukes used on long range missile launcher will have 800 instead of 2.000 HP​
  • “Heavy Fight” and “outpost under attack” are disabled by default in the options menu as they were irritating for new users
  • Added a new RNG for combat hit chance calculations



  • Fixed an issue where opposite faction items were shown in the shop
  • Fixed an issue where the shop scroll bar didn’t changed its size based on the amount of items​


  • Fixed an issue of overlapping heavy platforms in Calibaan
  • Fixed an issue where a freighter crossed a FID event
  • Fixed an issue of a heavy platform overlapping with a planetoid in Tenland
  • Fixed a wrong platform arrangement around a Cylon outpost in 103 Heleb
  • Docked strikes do not longer appear on different map positions after an FTL Jump
  • Recolored the map indicator for jump beacons to green (instead of white)​

Stealth ShipEdit

  • Fixed an issue where the stealth ship skill “muzzle choke” boosted 3,5% per level instead of 1%
  • Fixed incorrect sell prices on stealth ship systems
  • Fixed an issue on the bolo system for stealth ships which got worse while upgrading
  • Fixed an exploit which made it possible to keep a cloaked stealth ship marked​


  • Reduced the amount of metallic reflection on many ship skins
  • Did some localization improvements in German & English language
  • Fixed some text issues
  • Fixed some issues in the first tutorial mission (mainly texts and flight distances)
  • Fixed incorrect sell prices on SAD modules
  • Fixed incorrect sell prices on nuke and torpedo launcher systems
  • Fixed an issue on mini nukes which dealt 600% instead of 500% damage
  • Ramming an asteroid while system map is opened won’t trigger a "You are under attack!" message any more
  • The multitarget weapon numbers below the bracket will display weapon slot hotkeys now instead of the old IDs. If no hotkey is set up the old ID marked by a '*' will be shown.
  • Hotkeys bound to movement actions will always trigger ship movement – even if the Shift or Ctrl modifiers are held down
  • Fixed an issue where ships would vanish temporarily from the DRADIS HUD.
  • Fixed an issue where the ship speed could be improved unintended by using slide.​

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