Battlestar Galactica Online - Game Update 47 - Catching Up!

11 November 2014

This release will contain further adjustments to the UI, especially for the faction selection and the message boxes in tutorial and story missions.

We also will do a migration for the Stealth heavy missile system as a serious rebalance has been made. Sector control will offer new dynamics to faction balance and CAMS will have increased firing arcs.


  • Dynamic HP scaling for outpost and their platforms
    • Base HP stay at the level from the previous update
    • The underdog faction gets a bonus on outpost HP
    • The dominating faction gets a penalty on outpost HP
    • Bonus and penalty depend on the difference of sector control points​
  • New Faction Selection
    • Implemented new UI style
    • Removed auto selection
    • Improved visualization for faction bonus
    • Updated the faction bonus to tackle stronger imbalances
    • Also the dominating faction get a small XP bonus to improve new user experience​
  • Docking delay under threat
    • While in threat, docking has a delay of 10 seconds​


  • Update 47 - 1
    Message boxes for tutorial and story missions got transferred to the new UI style
  • Some further popups use the new UI style
  • Short descriptions in the shop view are capped in their lengths to avoid overlapping issues
  • Critical hits are marked as critical in the combat log

Balancing AdjustmentsEdit

  • Increased CAMS cannon firing arc by reducing the de-buff from 60% to 50%
  • Stealth Heavy Missiles
    • Lowered critical offense from 100 to 20
    • Lowered max damage from 750 to 500​
  • Stealth 88mm missiles
    • Reduced lifetime from 12 to 8.5 sec​
  • Carrier long range missiles
    • Reduced speed from 140 to 110
    • Reduced missile HP from 400 to 200​


  • Update 47 - 2
    Stealth heavy missile system
    • Due to the serious rebalance this system will be refunded


  • Fixed a bug using the details button for items without description
  • Fixed an issue in the new ability tooltips where item name and item level overlapped
  • Fixed an issue where existing FID events were not shown on the galaxy map
  • Fixed an issue with the throttle bar after docking on a carrier

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