Battlestar Galactica Online - Game Update 52.5 - Erlang 18

23 November 2015

Update 52.5 Image

Hello Battlestar Galactica Online fans,

We are deploying a new version of Battlestar Galactica Online on the live servers on Monday, November 23rd at 12:00 PM (noon) CET. This release will exclusively feature an update to BSGOs game engine. Besides it’s Graphics Engine “Unity” the actual game engine is based on the programming language “Erlang” and we have just updated it to the latest version.

Amongst other things “Erlang 18” features optimizations regarding the timestamp handling in the game code which means that it can handle these a lot faster than its predecessors. We therefore expect a decent reduction in CPU load on our side which will potentially lead to higher performance for all BSGO players. Please expect a server downtime of 30 minutes.


  • Update of backend game engine from “Erlang 16” to “Erlang 18”.

You can discuss this update in this feedback thread although there are no new features for you to discover apart from potentially better game performance. The actual Feature Update 53 is almost complete and will be released soon after this update.

Best regards,
The Battlestar Galactica Online team


23 November 2015Edit

Hello BSGO fans!

At 23:00 CET (5pm EST) we will release a hotfix for several issues introduced with Update 52.5.

  • Bugged with the loot system;
  • Problems with the contribution system; and
  • Issues with the Daily Assignments.

Please expect a downtime of 10 minutes. Cheers,
The Battlestar Galactica Online team

24 November 2015Edit

Hello Battlestar Galactica Online fans,

Today at 16:45 CET (10:45 AM EST) we will release a new hotfix for Update 52.5 which will deal with the remaining bugs introduced with Mondays Maintenance Update. Expected server downtime is no longer than 20 minutes.

Problems fixed:

  • Character Overview shows no information;
  • Resource values not displayed in character overview window;
  • Friends in friend list are displayed as “LABEL”;
  • Time remaining for skill training to be complete shows thousands of hours remaining;
  • Launchers, computers and other cooldown abilities are in permanent cooldown state; and
  • Flaws in the contribution system.

Issues that remain:

  • Boosters expired because of Update 52.5 -->We will take care of this until the end of this week.

The major issues introduced with Update 52.5 are now fixed. If you find any other issues then please report them in the feedback thread.

Sorry for the rough launch,

The Battlestar Galactica Online team

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