Battlestar Galactica Online - Game Update 55 - Brackets

23 March 2016

Update 55 Image No 01

Hello Battlestar Galactica Online fans,

We are deploying an update to all live servers on Wednesday, March 23rd. This release features an overhauled target bracket system, new HUD options for maximum customization pleasure and some bug-fixes. The estimated game downtime is 2 hours.

Additional details about this release below.


Overhaul of the HUD indicator (aka bracket) systemEdit

  • Target bracket redesign
  • Improved text readability
  • New “HUD” options menu
  • New customization options
    • Color scheme: Factions / Friend or Foe (default for new players: Friend or Foe)
    • Show ship tier icon: on/off
    • Show bracket crosshair
    • Show target health bar
    • Bracket scaling: on/off (target bracket size is scaling with target distance)
    • Scalable distance for target bracket minimization
    • Scalable bracket description fadeout distance
    • Adjustable text size;Show assignment updates
    • Show XP progress bar
  • Player can now hide (de-select) a chosen title
  • Added glow to orientation arrow to help with visibility on certain backgrounds
  • Any remaining Uranium from the “Twilight of the Gods” event has been exchanged for Titanium
  • Each unit of Uranium has been replaced by 30 units of Titanium.


  • Fixed a bug where ships would sometimes not have full hull-points after having had a full repair
  • Fixed spawn zones for sector “Rayet” and “Canaris”
  • Fixed several localization inconsistencies.


24th MarchEdit

On March 24th we released a hot-fix for Game Update 55 featuring the following fixes:

  • Fixed selection/targeting behavior for cloaking stealth ships
  • Fixed a problem where CIC/Basestar dialogues could get stuck in the loading screen.

Additional fixes will follow after the Easter Holidays.

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