Battlestar Galactica Online - Game Update 55.5 - UI & Capital Ship Refinement

8 April 2016

Game Update 55.5 Image

Hello Battlestar Galactica Online fans,

On Monday, April 11th at 11:00 CEST we will release an update for BSGO on all game servers. The estimated game downtime is 30 minutes.

This release will focus on bugfixes related to the recently updated bracket system as well as balancing adjustments to the Basestar and the Pegasus.

We have also re-organized the HUD elements on the upper right area of the screen to further streamline the UI.


  • Converted upper right menu bar, assignment tracker and dynamic event tracker into Unity UI
    • Re-organized their alignment to an “accordion-system” which means that the menu windows are now connected and no blank space is left in between if folded/unfolded
    • Improved font-readability for those UI elements
  • If rented, Pegasus/Basestar will trigger a timer on the galaxy map to visualize the remaining rent time.


  • Fixed a bug where the options “hide enemy brackets” and “hide friendly brackets” only affected players that were already in the sector
  • Fixed a bug where ships appeared without bracket
  • Fixed a bug where brackets appeared without ships
  • The friend or foe color scheme will now also visualize group members with a different color
  • The faction scheme will now provide the faction icon in bracket color
  • Fixed the 3D model scaling of Pegasus point-defense turrets

Balancing ChangesEdit

  • Excluded escorts as possible targets for Pegasus guns
  • Excluded escorts as possible targets for Basestar missiles
  • Decreased damage high on Pegasus front PD from 44 to 34
  • Decreased damage low on Pegasus front PD from 28 to 24
  • Decreased damage high on Pegasus Cannon Battery from 425 to 410
  • Decreased armor piercing on Pegasus Cannon Battery from 60 to 40
  • Decreased max range on Pegasus Missile Battery from 4,500 to 3,900
  • Decreased max range on Pegasus Cannon Battery from 4,500 to 4,100
  • Decreased accuracy on Basestar/Pegasus Cannon Battery from 200 to 130
  • Decreased HP on Pegasus from 80,000 to 72,500

We hope that you enjoy this rather small update. The next update which brings a lot more changes to the game is not far out.

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