Battlestar Galactica Online - Game Update 57 - Leaderboards

22 July 2016

Game Update 57 Image No 1

On Monday, July 25th at 11:00 CEST we will deploy Game Update 57 “Leaderboards” onto the BSGO servers. This update marks the first element of our tournament overhaul and features redesigned leaderboards as well as a couple bugfixes. The estimated downtime is 30 minutes. Please see the complete change notes below.


  • Redesigned leaderboards featuring:
    • Overhauled selection of ranks (some ranks have been removed, some new ones have been added);
    • Fixed an issue where leaderboard data was cut off if two players shared the same spot.
  • New titles for monthly top players in certain categories (e.g. for players who killed the most outposts per month)
  • Top three players of current month will now receive a temporary medal shown next to the bracket (only for “Killer” and “Killer Assist” stats).


  • Chat: mute-list clear command now also clears <unknown players>
  • Chat: messages by chat moderators will now always show (even if moderator is on mute list)
  • Fixed a bug that occasionally allowed ships to continue fighting after health has degraded to 0 HP (hull points)
  • Fixed an issue that caused extremely long loading times for a couple of players
  • Fixed an issue where a player did not get notified if undocking from OP (Outpost) spawns him/her in a different sector because original sector was full (notification will show in the chat window)
  • Fixed a bug that allowed accepting an arena match under threat resulting in effortless victory for the opponent because threatened player could not make it into the arena in time (because of threat jump delay)
  • Removed dialogue from Apollo and Number 2 “Leoben” asking players to invite a friend
  • Fixed some bad translations in the FR version of the game.

We hope that you like this update and that you keep being excited for the upcoming tournaments. This update marked the first step and the next one is soon to follow.

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