All of you are Colonials right? If not why are you here toaster!

hmm some info about me, I enjoy working on wikis and making them really nice looking. If you notice the new front page that was me. If you think it sucks then your a cylon disguised as a Colonial. I really look forward to having feedback on what I have done so far and to improve on it. I have worked on a couple of wikis, one of them I am admin on. If you want to see some of my work just hit my profile and see my recent wikis. I have to admit though my work now is better than it was before as I have taken formal classes to ensure I can create excellent wikis. The class was terribly boring though, they taught noob things you can lean in a day editing wikis. Too bad for me it was a year long class. Anyway I love to play battlestar as Pawnishere on Aquaria as a colonial hope to see you soon. If you a cylon you'd better hope I dont see you in game. ;)

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