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Viper Mark III
Ship Info
Level Requirement


Purchase Cost

Mini Cubit Icon 23,000 cubits




Multi-Role Class


War Raider Mark II

Upgrade To

Advanced Viper Mark III

Equipment Slots








Hull Systems
Hull Points


Hull Recovery



Mini Titanium Icon 4,500



Critical Defense


Engine Systems


Turning Speed

51 Deg/Sec.

Turning Acceleration

55 Deg/Sec²

Inertial Compensation

100 M/Sec.


14 M/Sec²


55 M/Sec.

Boost Speed

100 M/Sec.

Boost Cost

0.5 Tyl/Sec.

FTL Systems
FTL Range

4.5 LY

FTL Charge

15 Secs.

FTL Cost

30 Tyl/LY

Computer Systems


Power Recharge


Firewall Rating


Emitter Rating


Dradis Range

2,000 M

Visual Range

200 M

The Viper Mark III is one of the new ships introduced to the BSGO Universe. This ship was introduced to the game after the launch of Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome, and was originally given to all American based players for free with a code BLOODANDCHROME that aired on TV. Following negotiations between Bigpoint and the SyFy Channel, the ship was given to all European players for free. The code which gave this ship for free no longer works.

The Viper Mark III is a powerful ship, and it is suited for the fast pace of strike combat. However the War Raider Mark II has less weapon slots than the Viper Mark II or the Viper Mark VII However, it does outdo the Raptor in combat as it has more engine and hull slots.

The Viper Mark III can be seen a comfortable middle between the Viper Mark II and the Viper Mark VII as it sports a delicate balance of slots.

Update 53 saw some changes made to this ship with increases being made to its: hull points (+ 40); Hull Recovery (+ 1/sec.); turning speed (+ 1 degree/sec.); acceleration (+ 2m/sec.); boost speed ( + 20 m/sec.); and power recharge (+ 0.2/sec.). This gives the unadvanced Viper Mark III some much needed imrpovement in combat situations.

The Viper Mark III is a multi-role strike ship that is meant to be the pre-cursor to the Viper Mak VII.

In-game DescriptionEdit

"Seeing action during the First Cylon War, few Viper Mk III's survived the initial Cylon attack on the colonies. The design was an upgrade to the Viper Mk II's structural systems, and it was intended to act as a multi-role fighter. It filled that role effectively for its time, but was quickly replaced by the next generation of Viper designs after the First Cylon War. It's design would inspire the development of further multi-role Viper designs, and culminated in the design of the Viper Mk VII. The design rested within the data bases of the Pegasus, but until the discovery of the abandoned base at Delta Canopis there was little call for bringing the few Viper Mk III's into active service. With the ability to manufacture parts and resupply the Pegasus the Viper Mk III has been redeployed to active duty."


The Viper Mark III comes pre-installed with the following systems:

  • General Cannon Icon 2 x MEC-A6 "Fang" Light Auto Cannon.

Available PaintsEdit

  • Artemis's Twlighlight Paint Image Artemis's Twilight (Limited edition).
  • Default Paint Default.
  • Typhons Spearhead Alpha Paint Typhon's Spearhead Alpha (Limited edition).
  • Typhons Spearhead Delta Paint Typhon's Spearhead Delta (Limited edition).
  • Typhons Spearhead Gamma Typhon's Spearhead Gamma (Limited edition).

Video and GalleryEdit

More info on the Viper Mark III may be found in the following video.
Battlestar Galactica Online - Viper MK III06:27

Battlestar Galactica Online - Viper MK III

Tips, Hints and SuggestionsEdit

  • None.

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